4Ceramic Coating For Snowmobile Pipes, Cans and Silencers


Ceramic Coated- Snowmobile Pipes

Ceramic Coated- Snowmobile Pipes

Mad Scientist Header Coating is a division of Dyno Port, Inc. We have excelled as an industry leader in ceramic coating for headers, pipes, cans, silencers and more for over 10 years! Mad Scientist Header Coating features Tech Line Coating's CermaKrome™, recognized by top ceramic coaters worldwide. We use state of the art Grieve Ovens and Keyhole Header Polishers! By having all of the coating and polishing equipment in-house, we can control the quality and turn around time. This results in the finest quality coating available with excellent turnaround times for you! Ceramic Coating can add a shield of protection to your pipes, cans and silencers, while retaining heat and adding power.


Ship your parts to Mad Scientist Header Coating at:

1912 Townline Road
Union Springs, New York 13160

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 315-252-2113.